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Woman of the Year 2019

Here’s to Strong Women!
May we know them!
May we be them!
May we raise them!

Do you know an inspirational woman who stands apart because the fire inside her burns brighter than the fire around her? A woman who

→ Stands up for her beliefs and voices her opinions for the betterment of the causes she is involved in

→ Leads with her personality and not hierarchy, and has paved the way for change in her team / organization (not necessarily women causes alone)!

→ Is a role model for others to follow

Nominate an inspirational woman in your organization who has taken the initiative to press for progress. Nominations are to be submitted through HR representatives of Companies / or Groups

How do I do it?

Please click the link below to register

For more details, contact:+91 9207763948

The information will be posted on eWIT Facebook Page

Last date of submission:4th March 2019 at 5 P.M.