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eWIT Nasscom Awards-Edition2 2019

eWIT NASSCOM Man of the year 2019

Mahendra Singh Rawat, Country head Navigant

eWIT NASSCOM Woman Icon of the year 2019

Joffy John, Allianz

eWIT NASSCOM Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2019

Theertha Nirmal, Founder & CEO - signNEXT Assistive Technology

Athira Nair and Reshma MR from RRD became the winners of the eWIT NASSCOM Innovation for Change Award 2019. They called out the ladies to come out of the shell; to believe in the themselves and never to give up.

Sreeja Sasidharan and Nisha Hameed from H&R Block are the runners up of eWIT NASSCOM Innovation for Change Award 2019. According to them changing the mindset of people is the most difficult challenge in this world. Women should be the agent of change and should believe in themselves and support fellow women to be the change.

Dilna and Anusree from Finastra made it to Top Six of the eWIT NASSCOM Innovation for Change Award 2019. They presented their idea that balance drives a better working world and wanted to strive to build a more gender balanced world

Chandralatha Gopakumar and Amina Multhaf of RRD made it to Top Six of the eWIT NASSCOM Innovation for Change Award 2019. They recounted about inspiring women we should strive to learn from. They want the revolutionary coal to burn into Winston blues.

Team TARA from Allianz made it to Top Six of the eWIT NASSCOM Innovation for Change Award 2019 with their charming mime show. The Team members are Rathi Ammanath, Smitha Raj, Aswathy Bhasker, Nandini Karunaswamy, Nalina Devi, Sangeetha Rajesh, Nithya Gireesh, and Judy Manoj. The mime depicted the challenges faced by women in the IT workspace and the role of mentors.

Neethu Balan Nair from Allianz made to the Top Six of the eWIT NASSCOM Innovation for Change Award 2019 with her energetic presentation. In her opinion women need to uplift each other, provide support and empower themselves, rather than wait for a prince charming.

Sajina Ali— Solo traveller, Appoppanthadi Founder

Appoppanthadi was formed with 8 ladies and have completed 145 trips all over India with 1400+ ladies. Sajina writes travelogues in a blog and record the videos and publish through a Youtube channel. In She has also published a fiction in English–When the Sunsets. She quit 11-year-old software engineering job and completely into travelling and volunteering two NGOs. Helping Hands Organisation for Autistic kids rehabilitation and Tejus for voluntary blood donation.

Kutti Seminar Team

Watch their video–they do some amazing work for bringing in social change.

Making learning easy for the children. Children learn the subjects and along with it enhances the proficiency in using English as the language of communication. Kutti Seminar is a game changer that could be a growth engine for rural Kerala. Surya Sukumararn, Deepa Leelamani, Gayathri and Anju–kudos to the outstanding work.

Anupama P S, Agasthyarkoodam Trekker

One of the first few women who had conquered Agasthyarkoodam this year, post the entry of women trekkers were allowed by the high court. An avid traveller, Anupama grabbed the opportunity and joined the early batches of trekkers who were permitted by the forest dept. She says the experience is kind of the journey of Alchemist , soul searching. Anupama works in Allianz and invests her free time in music, art and social work to give back to the society

Bindu Meher, Agasthyarkoodam Trekker

An eminent professional who achieved the milestones, in an unique way of simplicity and perseverance. She had defined success in her own terms by fortitude, passion and putting little bit of heart in the strategic decisions. Being a self-motivated person she relentlessly pursue constant self-exploration. With 18 plus years of professional experience in her sleeves Bindu is the Co-founder and COO of Blurays Technologies focusing on Performance Consulting. From childhood, she had a quest to be with the Nature and had embraced the joy of feeling “most alive” on the top of mountains. It is the call of the mountains that took her to Agastyarkoodam

Aparna Gopan, Founder - Elefant In The Room

Aparna is a self-motivated woman- she started her own organization, called ‘Elefant in the Room, where she takes taboos and issues that are hushed up and makes them heard. Topics like Sex education, Masturbation, Disabilities etc.. are few off the many topics that ‘Elefant in the Room’ brings awareness too. Aparna is one individual who has broken these barriers, bravely voiced out her thoughts and opinions and is making a change in India one step at a time.

B-Band, Winner-Bands of Technopark

Band members: Bharath Chandran, Malavika Sreekumar, Sharath K V, Sushanth Jain, Aneesh, Aswin Sukumaran

CodeWreck, First Runner up-Bands of Technopark

Band members: Ashwin Ivan Jacob, Melvin John, Cigi S Kuriakose, Mathew Thomas, Rinaldo Anto, Roy Varghese, Athira Raj, Zonobia Safar, Vivek Livingstone, Vinod Vijayan , Harikrishnan N

Music Cafe, Second Runner up-Bands of Technopark

Band members: Nikitha, Heera, Anupama, Remjath, Anoop, Suneesh, Dexter, Renjith, Rakesh

Antra, Participant - Bands of Technopark

Band members: Sreeraj P R , Sherik Sensin , Vishnujith, Aswin Kumar

TheePetty, Participant - Bands of Technopark

Band members: Sanjay K Sathyan, Renjith Dev, Athul Lal, Arya Krishnan