Accelerated Leadership Program 2021

An 8-month LEADERSHIP Programme for high potential and aspiring women in Leadership roles which is being facilitated by eWIT and Trinity Skillworks starting in the month of January 2021.
The 2021 batch's programme will comprise outbound learning and hybrid sessions spread across a period of 8 months. They will also participate in Masterclasses and receive three one to one coaching sessions. One of the key results will be a social project they will drive and deliver together. During the course of the programme, each participant will be given training on key areas that would further their career growth, including Leadership Styles, Change Management, Strategy, Finance, People Management, Communication, Project Management. A key transformation experience is being assigned to an industry veteran who would act as their mentor.

  • Very high gender gap in managerial and leadership roles.
  • Only 25% women in supervisory roles and less than 2% at CXO level.
  • Skill-Will gap requires motivation and self discovery learning.
  • Mapping individual potential and goal setting for personal development.
  • Mentoring and training by the best in the industry.
  • 360* experiential learning through peer group interaction.
  • Trained pool of women professionals in the organisations ready to take up additional responsibilities in project and leadership roles.
  • Improved gender ratio in managerial and leadership levels.
  • Enhancing and leveraging women talent pool to augment growth.
  • Network of mentors or inspirational leaders to tap into.

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Course Modules

Psychometric Assessments

Leadership Qualities.

Mentoring Program

Walking with the Masters.

Communications Lab

Story Telling for Leaders.

Outbound Learning

Overnight Boot Camp.

Finance Management

Money Matters for Leaders.

Digital Trends

Digital Marketing, AI, Data Science.

Self Awareness

Personal Growth & Mindfulness.

Project Management

Being Agile.

Leading Teams

Managing and Leading people.


Selection Process

  • Nomination by the organisation or self
  • Submission of Application with Statement of Purpose
  • Commitment to the schedule and payment of course fee
  • Selection by committee

Course Fee

  • 50000 INR as the course fee all inclusive
  • Including logistics expenses for training
  • 45,000 INR to eWIT members and also non-member companies who nominate 3 or more participants


  • Course Certification on completion by eWIT
  • Separate Module Certificates from partnering training institutes




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FAQ’s On ALP 2021

  • Will location be a constraint in case of hybrid program (Online and meeting in person)?

This will not be a constraint. We will have 3 or 4 in person sessions and will give sufficient notice of location and timings to accommodate the participants.

  • Are the programs scheduled on weekdays or weekends? Just wanted to understand the impact on the regular working hours?

Most sessions will be conducted on weekends. There will be few on Friday to ensure continuity when there are two days of sessions.

  • Total Fees? Fees of the program in case it is self sponsored?

Total Fees is Rs.50,000/- all inclusive. If a company is nominating more than 3 participants, the pricing is Rs.45,000/- per participant. Self Sponsored candidates pricing: Rs.45,000/- only.

  • Deadline for Registration?

Deadline is Jan 18th

  • Fees of Rs 50K - does this cover stay and food if it is an out-of-station training program?

Yes, for the outbound training the accommodation and food will be covered in this. However, the travel component may need to be picked up by the company.

  • What would be the time expectations from the participants (both from self learning as well as outbound sessions)?

The time investment expected monthly will start with 2 days in a month and as the programme progresses will go up to a maximum of 4 days a month (spread out hours for interaction with their mentor and other project team members)

  • How would the entire course span out?

The programme will begin with a psychometric assessment and one to one coaching. There will be a team interaction and then sessions on various aspects of Leadership as detailed in the brochure. We will pair them with a Mentor by the third month of the programme. The participants will also begin their Social Impact Project Planning and Execution by this time. There will be evaluations and attendance monitoring that will be shared with the organisation from time to time. There will be Masterclasses sessions (one hour) on relevant topics by eminent professionals throughout the duration.